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Upgrades and refurbishments

You can extend the life of your fleet in a cost-effective way, by refurbishing your aging equipment. From smaller repairs to extensive overhauls, our team will ensure your equipment works optimally again.

What type of refurbishment

  • The modification or modernization of existing crane installations
  • Upgrade of installations: DC systems, frequency converters, PLC, Siemens S7, Télémécanique
  • Repair or strengthen of steel structure
  • Replacing or updating hoisting equipment.
  • Repair of drive systems, gearboxes, and engines

Benefits of refurbishment

Pure Services is focusing on the modernization and upgrading of machines and cranes. Pure Services can offer you tailor-made modifications based on your specific requirements. The modification of the crane will result in a Pure Services CE marking. The modernization or upgrade will significantly:

  • Increase operational optimalization 
  • Extension of lifespan
  • Maximization of safety and efficiency
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • The installation complies again with current standards, guidelines and CE marking
  • Unique modifications