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Pure Electric

Sustainable solutions
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Pure Services is charging for a sustainable future. Pure Electric is developed for container and material handling equipment. This unique concept opens the possibility to reach a full sustainability potential by focusing on the conversion of the engine instead of replacing the entire machine.

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A sustainable future with Pure Electric

There is high demand for the introduction and replacement of new electric mobile equipment. For this reason, Pure Services developed the concept Pure Electric, which is focusing on the modification and retrofitting of the machine’s drive line. Where the existing diesel-driven machine is converted into fully electric ones. 

Pure Electric is the solution for:

  • Maintaining the same operational model
  • Retrofitting of the machine’s drive line
  • Obtaining full sustainability potential of the machine

Retrofitting of the drive line

Conversion of the engine

Full sustainability potential

Advanced technique

How are we doing this?

The principle focuses on replacing the diesel engine to an electrical motor which consists of multiple electrical battery packs. The strategy is to achieve more sustainable machine design by maintaining the same operational model while increasing the cost efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint and energy use.

The concept aims to achieve a more sustainable design to reduce:

  • Unexpected machine implications 
  • Operational costs 
  • The overall carbon footprint of the operation

Pure Services is charging for a sustainable future.

The Pure Electric solution is suitable for container handling and mobile equipment