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CSP Zeebrugge

CSP Zeebrugge takes/buys another Sany

CSP Zeebrugge has become a leading customer for the NL-based Pure Services; Sany European lift truck dealer for Benelux since 2021. More and more terminal operators are being convinced by Sany quality and Pure Services' expertise

CSP Zeebrugge has been in business with Pure Services for multiple years. Currently, the CSP fleet comprises five Sany ECHs and one Sany reach stacker. The good experience between CSP Zeebrugge and Pure Services was mainly based on reliability, safety, stability, trust, and comfort. 

Leading to further replacements and expansion of the CSP Sany fleet by Pure Services, as well as providing maintenance work for all machines in Zeebrugge. “Thanks to the cooperation with Sany, we can always offer our customers tailor-made machines based on their specific requirements.