Max. Lifting Height
Wheel Base
Max Loading Capacity
No. of stack
Rated Load
Max Operating Radius
11.5 – 20.0 m
Working Height
Working Depth
Rated power
252 kW / 1 800 rpm
Load capacities regular
Load capacities extended
Operating weight
45 000 kg

About the SMHC45G5

The list of requirements for material handlers is long. Efficiency, performance and reliability are right at the top – the SMHC45G5 satisfies all these and more with an optimum working range, as well as excellent value for money in terms of both the initial purchase and the subsequent operation.

Features of the SMHC45G5


Easy to manoeuvre in any direction – with the most compact undercarriage in its class, the SMHC45G5 is a particularly agile piece of work equipment. The default fourwheel steering makes the machine even more versatile – and when the working area gets particularly narrow, other types of steering can be pre-selected as well. One particularly nifty feature is the crab steering, which can be used to manoeuvre the machine parallel to the working position.

User Experience

A comfortable workspace – the cab has been designed with ergonomic aspects in mind and already comes equipped with a number of convenient features ex works. This makes it easier for the operator to carry out focused work, even over long periods of time. These features include automatic air conditioning with a ventilation system, as well as a comfortable seat that the two multifunctional joysticks move in sync with to remain in the desired position.


Completely safe in any situation – the windscreen is fitted with a non-obscuring protective grille to protect against falling objects, while maintaining plenty of free space to allow for easy window cleaning. The integrated headlights guarantee the best possible view of the work area even in the poorest lighting conditions. Protection from dazzling sunlight is provided by the sun blinds on the roof panel and windscreen as well as the sliding curtains at the back and on the sides.


Productive over the long term – certain components are particularly strained through rigorous use on a daily basis. However, you can rely on us at SANY to give this issue the special attention it requires. The large maintenance covers allow filters to be changed quickly and easily on the highly reliable dual filter system. The superstructure, boom and swivel ring are lubricated via an automatic lubrication system, which reduces service time and costs.


Simple and uncomplicated– in order to guarantee the performance and operational readiness of our machines, we make it as simple as possible for the operators to carry out their day-to-day routine inspections and all other maintenance and service work. This is ensured first and foremost by the safe access to the engine compartment that is provided by the hand rails and anti-slip surface, as well as a maintenance platform on the chassis. The wide service doors allow unrestricted access to all maintenance-relevance parts, such as the cooling package or the water separator of the fuel line.

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